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Every woman has a goddess inside.
In our society everybody will have her 5 minutes of fame!
But you must look flashing -spectacular -unique.
Cover of luxury ,jewels and crystals.
Wow, amazing, Oh my god!
By Carina Pereira


Rims are like the roulette at a casino where you can win or lose millions. On the road, your life is at stake. Coming from a BMW 1602, and decorated much like jewels, these are a symbol of the wealth and luxury that expensive cars represent.
Foremost however, they are works of art; one of the main attractions of our space that is much more than a museum.
This is a unique global multicultural space in the world!


No one knows what a woman’s purse hides. Neither the most intimate dare ask nor much less watch. It is a charming mystery. What is the most glamorous side? ¿Lipsticks, fragrance, jewels or even something more secret? We bring these visible aspects outside, with a decoration of wealth and luxury. Where do they look good? In this extravagant cars and extraordinary dresses avenue. What a mixture! The travel to Wonderland
Carina Lopes for Maga Collection


What if the Venus de Milo had lost her arms in a carriage accident 2000 years before Christ? The great historians of Antiquity like Herodotus or Dionysius of Halicarnassus did not leave proof of it but we do think so. Those carriages were very dangerous and the roads quite bad! Here, we would rather represent her looking beautiful and sexy with crystal lingerie, much like Gisele Bundchen’s, when she walked down the runway wearing a $15 000 000 bra for Victoria’s Secret in 2000. Of course this legendary timeless beauty would like to wear it, and her contemporaries admire it.
She would have been a hit on social networks!


We join two geniuses.
Yves Saint Laurent, who transforms everything he touches into elegance and Yamamoto, the artist who produces exoticism.
Yves /Yohji – Yin/Yang and Feng Shui principles.
The 80’s dress with the iconic corset in a colorful version.
Black, fiction and drama…Red, energy and passion.
Eternal love meets the West and East in our Five Star Boulevard.


Fashion not only spins around itself, is revised, adapted, transformed and always surprise. It’s not a style that ends, it’s just a new one that’s coming … We did not bury it; we did not declare its death. We only present it as a new form with such opulence, richness and ostentation, as a tribute to all the great women who dignified it throughout the centuries. From Helen of Troy, or Maria de Medices to Paulina Bonaparte.
A skeleton? Absolutely not.
It is a jewel covered with crystals, rubies, sapphires and semi-precious stones on a golden bath. An extraordinary work of art!


Wooden sculpture in honour of the women of North Africa, who combine natural elegance and simplicity, tradition with modernity.
The most beautiful women in the universe are becoming the most important protagonists in the world of fashion, the best-paid and most successful top models on the catwalks.


This sculpture symbolizes the fascination luxury car exercised in society .


Panhhard part of the 30 ready-made and created for the Museum with more than 30,000 mini mirrors. Artwork handmade.


Sculpture with 3D effect, composed of three silver spheres that resemble the nose of an Aston Martin DB2 , courtesy of the legendary series that had its heyday in the film ‘ Goldfinger ‘ , the most spectacular of James Bond. Therefore , we put 007 as the name of this sculpture became part of our contemporary art gallery.


The team at Jaguar and the various Jaguar models they manufacture are all testament to their feelings.
Jaguar…An icon…an achievement…incomparable.. Unrivalled. They are genuine works of art and therefore in this museum we have a work of art dedicated to Jaguar.


The land area is covered by aluminum rims 50s.
The car since its inception has spread throughout the world as one of the first products with “globalizing characteristics.”


Power and speed.
The racing driver Ayrton Senna inspired the sculpture “Formula 1”.
Skill and courage are both qualities that racing drivers possess.


There are three parts to this work: “Crazy” a painting, inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat. It depicts the crazy driver and the reckless manner of their driving. Next is “Crash” an explosion of car parts as a result of a serious collision. The technique used in this piece is similar to that of Jackson Pollock who himself was the victim of an accident in 1956.
Finally “Chaos”, a Morris Minor, totally crushed thus symbolizing the tragic and irreversible end result.


Red is the symbol of racing competition. Mixed with the flag representing chess victory. In 1909 in his Futurist Manifesto Italian poet Filippo Marinetti proclaims: ” The art world has been enriched by a new beauty , the beauty of speed . A racing car with its bonnet decorated and thick tubes like serpents breath is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace “


This installation uses original 1900 rims- asking us to ponder the hypothesis that “No matter how advanced the machine may be… it will always need mankind to operate it …”


It represents the great variety in the automotive color of the decade , in contrast to the monotony of the colors of today.