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The Automobile as a

Automobiles have always been the social symbol that reflects the evolution of fashion through every period of time. The Automobile and Fashion Museum shows how artistic tendencies have evolved due to automobile stylists such as Ettore Bugatti, Gordon Buehrig, Giuseppe Figoni, Firestone or Labourdette.

Fashion collections

Must go on...

The Show must go on is not only a magnificent vintage collection of great brands such as Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Balmain or Prada among others, but also a relationship between relevant women in history. Feminists, artists, heroines, intellectuals or adventurers. This is a fashion bible!


The Billionaire

In life there is not only money but also jewelry, cars and exuberant dresses associated to beautiful ways of life. That is the philosophy of rich and famous people (the happy few). Crocodile, ostrich or mink upholstery, details in ivory, silver and mother-of-pearl. Elegant feminine objects, such as powder and perfume bottles, at the service of aristocratic beauty.