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Pets are another member of the family and we spend more spare time with them. Actually, now days, Spain is placed in number twelve among countries with bigger hotels percentage accepting animals, almost 18%. About cultural places, only La Casa Encendida in Madrid, el Museu Europeu d’Art Modern in Barcelona, el Ecomuseo de Arxeriz in Lugo and el Museo Etnográfico Liste have done occasional activities accepting animals during the visit. Abroad, there are el Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas in Buenos Aires and el Staatliche Museen in Berlín, in which you can enjoy the visit with your pet.

As Sr. Magalhaes says: ‘we are not an old, static, traditional or inmate museum. The Automobile and Fashion Museum is a pioneer place. Being Petfriendly, accepting pets at museum one day per week makes us to be one of the first museums in the world with this program’.

This museum is the only one of the capital of Málaga and one of few of the country in accepting animals at its collections. Every Monday, we celebrate the Petfriendly Day at museum, and because of the Dog Day, we will accept pets entry through all the next weekend, July 21th and 22th.


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July 21th and 22th. Tienda animal draw.

We count on a lot of animal lovers will come to museum, because the Automobile Museum join forces with Tienda animal and we throw a draw on Instagram for all the visitors, who come to museum with their pets this weekend and make a photo and post it on Instagram. If you participate, you could win a cheque of Tienda animal exchangeable on shops. The winner will be the person who takes the most original photo.

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During the weekend, visitors will follow the behaviour rules museum give them, because they will be the responsible of all the acts of their pets in our installation.

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